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The Floating Opera Orchestra

The Floating Opera Orchestra

The Floating Opera Orchestra is the moniker of composer and multi-instrumentalist, Brandon Brown. Amidst a cinematic collage of every imaginable style and genre beats the heart of a shy, quirky musician fiercely clinging to tradition while actively blurring lines and causing a silent stir in a dwindling, shtick-driven music scene in Austin, Texas.

The sound of the Floating Opera Orchestra has been called a New Orleans paradigm with Slovakian undertones; Charles Mingus and Nina Rota dining with Tom Waits; a touch of Eastern European dark circuses; a vaudeville-inspired instrumental tapestry; a magnetic monster; a contagious soundtrack.

Difficult to categorize, yet easy to enjoy.

There is not one story, but a proliferation of characters that tantalize the listener with suggestions of vast scenarios and organic tapestries; such digressions are less the product of careless craft than of a lush and frantic imagination overwhelming its own project. Indeed.

(Also known as Brandon A. Brown & the Floating Opera Orchestra)


  • ewlandon
  • # 4

    Jul 12 2011 04:03 pm


    I love the new album art, who did it?
  •  WM
  • # 3

    Dec 15 2010 05:17 pm


    I dont usually Listen To This Kind Of Music But I liked it It Made Me Smile
  • Hazalrede
  • # 2

    Jan 26 2010 08:52 am


    these tracks are slowly becoming the soundtrack to my mornings - brilliant work - cheers

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